Sometimes we don’t have the time, luxury or opportunity to take our own photos or create our own designs for clients. Sometimes we have to use pre-designed mock ups or stock images. In our industry it is then good practice to buy these, or give credit where credit is due. Thus, here follow kudos to all the slaving designers out there who’ve helped us in our hour of need:

  • BeTheme for an awesome theme with even more awesome demo content.
  • ThemePunch with fantastic ideas for website banners. Some showcased on our own site!
  • Being active, licences Adobe Creative Cloud users, we have access to their huge database of phenomenal stock images
  • The superb new portal called Behance where designer can showcase their work and sometimes make it available for use by others.
  • FreePik with their enormous database of vectors, mock ups and photos. We are licenced users there also so thanks to every one for their designs. Here is a list in any way of attributions to some of the designs we’ve used, because we like to say THANKS!!
  • The amazing GraphicBurger for some monthly freebies