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7th Jun 2015
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29th May 2015
  • TaskComplete Corporate Identity x2 | Flyer Design | Stock Photography | Website Design & Development

Legadima RBT is a technology development and implementation company focusing on Deflagrating rock breaking technologies. They break rock where no one dares to break any thing!

Visit their website here.

We helped them with the following:

Corporate Identity - 1st Design Sets
Peri Peri creative - Legadima RBT - logo ou
Peri Peri Creative-Legadima-CI oud
Corporate Identity - 2nd Design Sets
Peri Peri creative - Legadima RBT - logo nuut
Peri Peri Creative-Legadima-CI nuut
Tri-Fold Flyer
Stock Photography
Responsive Website Design & Development
Peri Peri creative - Legadima RBT
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