Brain Potensial Tshwane
11th Jun 2015
Kristal Auctions
29th May 2015
  • TaskComplete Corporate Identity x2 | Flyer Design | Stock Photography | Website Design & Development

Legadima RBT is a technology development and implementation company focusing on Deflagrating rock breaking technologies. They break rock where no one dares to break any thing!

We helped them with the following:

Corporate Identity - 1st Design Sets
Peri Peri creative - Legadima RBT - logo ou
Peri Peri Creative-Legadima-CI oud
Corporate Identity - 2nd Design Sets
Peri Peri creative - Legadima RBT - logo nuut
Peri Peri Creative-Legadima-CI nuut
T-Shirt Design& Print
Tri-Fold Flyer
Stock Photography
Responsive Website Design & Development
Peri Peri creative - Legadima RBT
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