Chané Valentine
18th May 2015
Nolwazi Africa
22nd May 2015
Nolwazi Africa
22nd May 2015
Chané Valentine
18th May 2015
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For the past 52 years, in 38 countries, the original internationally patented Kenitex wall coating has been used with confidence on home, hospitals, hotels and highways, on factories and on bridges.

From the statue of Christ on Sugarloaf Mountain to our Parlament, Kenitex is the most used, most proven guaranteed coating worldwide.

Visit their website here.

We helped them with the following:

Logo Design

Logo Concepts

Peri Peri Creative-Kenitex-Logo Consep1
Peri Peri Creative-Kenitex-Logo Consep2
Peri Peri Creative-Kenitex-Logo Consep3
Peri Peri Creative-Kenitex-Logo Consep4

Final Logo

Peri Peri Creative-Kenitex-Final-Logo
Business Card, Letterhead & Email Signature
Peri Peri Creative-Kenitex-CI
Company Profile

Responsive Website Design & Development
Social Media
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