Kwêla Creations
30th March 2015
Mid Isle Day Spa
11th April 2015
Mid Isle Day Spa
11th April 2015
Kwêla Creations
30th March 2015
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Akademia hosts a Sakeplankompetisie (Business Plan Competition) every year and in 2015 and 2016 Peri Peri Creative sponsored some creativeness and did it all! We designed the Sakeplankompetisie logo, the pull-up banners, the website and ran a booking system on it, did ticket & invite designs, all the digital and print media adverts and developed the themes, “Maak ‘n plan, nes Jan kan”, for 2015, and “Volstoom Vorentoe” for 2016.

We also sponsored a complete Corporate Identity pack for the winners of the competition in 2014 and 2015.

The gala evening every year is a truly prestigious event with epic performances by Corlea Botha, Joseph Clark, Die 3 Snare, etc.

Check out photos of these events here: 2014 | 2015 | 2016

We helped them with the following:

Logo Design

Logo Concepts

Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-logo concept3
Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-logo concept4
Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-logo concept2
Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-logo concept5

Final Logo

Pull-up Banner
Peri Peri Creative & Akademia Sakeplankompetisie - Oct 2015-3
Theme for the Year

Theme Concepts

Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-concept-soos n BAAS2
Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-concept-soos n BAAS1
Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-concept-soos n BAAS3
Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-concept-soos n BAAS4
Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-Nes-JAN-kan concept
Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-Nes-JAN-kan concept2

Theme Final

Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-Nes-JAN-kan final
Facebook Posts
Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015-Nes-JAN-kan Facebook Posts
Website Banners
Print Media

Affies Bylaag, Afriforum Tydskrif, Beeld, Ditsem tydskrif, Hansie Week Boekie, PTA Sakekamer Web, Solidariteit Tydskrif, Taalgenoot, George Herald, Knysna Herald, Plettenbergbaai Herald, Mosselbaai Advertiser, Oudshoorn Courant, Suid-Kaap Forum

Peri-Peri-Creative-Akademia-Sakeplankompetisie-2015 advert Beeld
Sakeplankompetisie 2015
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