13 Scary Websites from TV and Movies that Need to Die
13 Scary Websites from TV and Movies that Need to Die
3rd Nov 2017
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24th Jan 2020
Peri Peri Creative-SEO-ranking factors to consider in 2020

Written by  Volha Belakurskaya from SEO PowerSuite and originally posted on their site. We just borrowed it 🙂

It seems a little while ago that Google hinted at having 200+ ranking factors. Though in fact, it happened in the year of 2009, and we are heading to 2020 now.

Google has drastically evolved over the past ten years. Today, neural matching — an AI-based method — processes about 30% of all searches, and Google can recognize concepts behind keywords. They have introduced RankBrain, mobile-first indexing, and HTTPS. As we need to adapt to changes and find ways to get atop of SERPs, the topic of ranking factors remains as fresh as ever.

So let’s have a look at what ranking factors to consider in 2020, and what ranking myths to leave behind.


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