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Peri Peri Creative
Peri Peri Creative1 week ago
I must say we only suck at spelling...but the rest we never!!
Peri Peri Creative
Peri Peri Creative2 weeks ago
The Peri Team can still assist with the following:
• Website Development
• Website Maintenance
• Website Changes
• Search Engine Optimisatioin (getting you ranked on Google)
• Graphic Design Service
• Social Media Management (creating posts, posting them and sharing)
• Social Media Campaigns (Facebook & LinkedIn Ads, Google Adwords)
• Animated Videos
• Webinar Video Edits

So please feel free to give us a ring in this time, or drop us an email!
• Peri cell nr: 072 387 9147
• Marileen's nr: 072 371 7355
• Peri email:
• Marileen's email:
Peri Peri Creative
Peri Peri Creative2 weeks ago
We are running a special on everything in this album until Thursday 26 March COB. Limited stock available, so first come, first serve. The prices are on the photos.
Collections ONLY.

#21lockdown #supportsmallbusinesses #wevegotthis
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a BIG shout out Goldfish who gave us permission to use their song on our website. Thanks guys, you are VERY PERI HOT!


Check out their YouTube channel here.

And there, the  original Moonwalk Away (Moonlanding Mix) by Goldfish video for your viewing pleasure:


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