Geek Fest - May 2016 (17)
Peri Peri @ Geek Fest 2016
8th May 2016
Peri Peri Creative-Secret Sunrise-15 Jul 2016-9
Peri Peri arising again with another Secret Sunrise
15th Jul 2016
Peri Peri Creative - Secret Sunrise-19

Secret Sunrise logoSUCO is a unique silent disco, conscious workout. These sessions are designed for you to connect, feel freedom, have fun and let go and happens very 2 weeks at a new (secret) location.

This time Celeste and Marileen visited the Secret sunrise (only this time it was actually a sunset!) the groove it out. The theme…FIRE!

Follow Secret Sunrise here to see when the next event is! It’ll be weird, but trust me, it’ll be worth it.

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