Secret Sunrise - April 2016-22
Peri Peri burning up a Secret Sunrise
21st Apr 2016
Peri Peri Creative - Secret Sunrise-19
Secret Sunrise…I mean Sunset
15th Jun 2016
Geek Fest - May 2016 (17)

Geek Fest logoFrancois and Marileen embraced their inner geek ad visited the 2016 Geek Fest.

In our technologically forward society, geek culture is rapidly becoming a way of life for people of all ages.
Whether you’re a gamer, a cosplayer, into gadgets and technology or like to read and watch series, Geekfest has something to excite you.

Not knowing what to expect we just pitched up. Next time there will definitely be dressed-up. I’m thinking…Finn & Jake (a.k.a Jax) #AdventureTime!!

Visit the Geek Fest website here or follow them on Facebook to get notified when the next fest gets loaded.

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