Peri Peri Creative & Apprentesses Breakfast - Nov 2014-11
Peri Peri helping out at the Apprentesses kiddies charity breakfast
26th Nov 2014
Peri Peri Creative gets a New photo studio - Dec 2014-2
Peri Peri gets a portable photo-studio!
8th Dec 2014

Peri Peri Creative’s CEO’s were out shopping for the Peri Christmas Lunch when a tall, thin, desperate man approached us. Explaining that he lost his job, got a new one but haven’t had a pay-cheque yet as he only starts in January 2015, he asked if we can please just help him with some spare change to buy the milk, bread and bully beef he had in his basket for him, his wife and 2 kids.

Our hearts went out to him and Francois said to the man:  “Please go get a trolley”. Bewildered the man wasn’t sure what to do, so we left to go get a trolley and loaded it full of necessary groceries, some yummy sweets and cookies, ingredients for a nice Christmas lunch (who the hell wants bully beef for Christmas any way?), some toys and gifts for the kids, as well as back to school goodies for the next year.

With tears in his eyes but a smile on his face and tons of thank you’s over and over again, the man left with a trolley full of Christmas goodies and a hand full of cash to fill his old car with petrol to (hopefully) last then until his new pay-cheque end of Jan.


Showing kindness & compassion has never hurt any one… Merry Christmas everyone!
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