Checkers Mini Shoppers swap for food & toys for Woodrock Animal Rescue

Peri Peri Creative - Wierda Park Independent School - Knysna fire relief2
Helping the Knysna Fire Victims
21st Jun 2017
Peri Peri Creative - Jax the Peri Dog - cover
Jax the Peri Dog
16th Jul 2017
Peri Peri Creative - woodrock animal rescue (1)

Trying to complete a set of the Checkers Mini Shoppers for Peri Peri’s CEO’s god-child we went looking for a worthy cause to help, while swapping mini shoppers. We found Dominique Pearce on Facebook. A student with a heart for charity, especially the animals, who had extra mini shoppers that we could swap. She is helping Estelle Els, the main organiser of this project.

1 shopper = 1 food item/blanket/bed/toy for the Woodrock Animal Rescue.

Visit their website to see how you can help with food, toys, blankets, beds, volunteering or funds. Or simply ​SMS “DOG” TO 40733 TO DONATE R20

We gave Dominique all our doubles so that she could have more to swap for more animal goodies.

She shared some photos with us of all the shoppers she collected to swap and all that she gathered for the shelter.

Good job Dominique. We think you are veri peri HOT for helping the furry friends in need.

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